How does 4K upscaling work in Crystal 4K Vivid Pro TV?

The TV analyzes the incoming signal to determine its resolution and quality.

Input Signal Analysis:


Using advanced algorithms, the TV extrapolates the missing pixels between the existing ones in the lower resolution image.

helps to increase the overall resolution without adding new information, but rather estimating what the missing details might look like.

Edge Enhancement: 

The TV may apply edge enhancement techniques to sharpen the edges of objects in the image, making them appear clearer and more defined.

Noise Reduction: 

To improve the overall image quality, the TV may also apply noise reduction algorithms to reduce any visual artifacts or graininess present in the original content.

Color Enhancement: 

Colors may be adjusted and enhanced to appear more vibrant and lifelike, taking advantage of the higher color gamut and dynamic range capabilities of the 4K display.

The upscaled image is then displayed on the 4K screen, providing a sharper and more detailed picture compared to the original lower resolution content.

Display Output: